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White Paper

How Secured?

The security of Moon Puppy blockchain has been proven for years and a large community of developers is constantly improving it.

The Moon Puppy ecosystem technology comes from the Ethereum blockchain standards such as ERC20, ERC721, DEX and AMM.

Each Moon Puppy ecosystem transaction is encrypted, validated and secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum blockchain is already trusted by million users. Its derived token ETH has a total market capitalization of more than 500 million US Dollar.

It is one of the most secured decentralized blockchain.

Moon Puppy repository (aka technical files & codes) is available for public screening on Github.

Community checks and peer reviews are the most secured way to prevent bugs and malicious codes.

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Earth Friendly

Dog and puppies’ friends know that protecting earth and the environment is essential.

We do not want to destroy our home.

We want to live in a peaceful and protected environment.

Moon Puppy shares this vision that is why we have selected the most efficient blockchain to date.

Indeed the Ethereum blockchain is soon transitioning to a more efficient proof of stack technology.

This will reduce tremendously the energy consumption required to make Moon Puppy works in a sustainable manner.